Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

TRUMP FIRES F.B.I. DIRECTOR COMEY: President Trump has fired James B. Comey, the director of the F.B.I. and the top official conducting the criminal investigation into whether or not Trump and Trump’s advisers worked with the Russian government to affect the 2016 presidential election, reported The New York Times.

In a statement on Comey’s firing, Nan Aron, president of our sister organization Alliance for Justice, called for a special prosecutor to investigate the “corruption crisis engulfing the administration. This crisis has grown to alarming proportions and the future of our republic is literally at stake,” said Aron. “As was abundantly clear from his record, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is completely incapable of acting as an independent check on an out-of-control executive branch, and the Justice Department he leads now seems infected with the same weakness.

AFJ also called for a halt to any further action on Trump’s judicial nominees, stating that Trump “and this administration are far too compromised to be allowed to pack the courts with judges whose willingness to check inappropriate or illegal executive actions would be seriously in question.”

Over 100 members of Congress have also called for an independent commission or special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s involvement with Russia’s meddling in the election, according to Mother Jones. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected all of these bipartisan calls, claiming a new investigation would “impede the current work being done.”​