Will Restrepo Be Confirmed to Appeals Court? Toomey Urges Vote

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania has urged a Senate confirmation vote on the long-delayed nomination of U.S. District Judge Felipe Restrepo to a federal appeals court. His critics, noting the short time period of Senate business still remaining this year, contended Toomey’s action was way overdue.

Glenn Sugameli, a Washington lawyer and environmental activist who tracks judicial nominations, was critical of Republicans for not moving the nomination sooner, according to Philly.com. It has been “inexcusably delayed,” he said. “Securing a vote this year is vital but it is far too late to vote ‘without delay,’” he said, alluding to a Toomey statement urging a confirmation vote “without delay.”

To learn background about delayed action on judicial nominations, charges of Republican “slow-walking” of judicial picks, and GOP responses, visit Gavel Grab. Other recent coverage included Huffington Post “This Guy Waited 390 Days for His Turn at a Job. The Senate  Just Skipped Him”; and Latin Post, “Senate Skips Latino Nominee Judicial Confirmation Vote.” On Monday, the Senate unanimously confirmed Travis McDonough’s nomination to sit on the U.S. District Court in eastern Tennessee, the Associated Press said.