Alabama’s Chief Justice Calls for More Court Funding

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has called for more funding for the state’s court system, according to the Associated Press.

Moore is reported to have written a letter to Governor Robert Bentley urging him to release conditional appropriations to alleviate the burden placed on court employees. “The Judicial Branch of Government does not mind suffering and doing our fair share during economic downturns; however, there is no reason our hard-working employees should suffer alone,” he wrote.

While the Alabama legislature gave the United Judicial System level funding, it added a conditional appropriation that money can be released if it is available.

But Justice Moore argues that the judicial branch has not been treated fairly or as an equal branch of government, describing it as being treated “worse than an agency.”

Legislative budget chairmen talking to the Associated Press seemed doubtful that any conditional funds would come through unless Alabama received an “unexpected windfall.”

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