A Salute to Our Partner Organization on its 10th Anniversary


This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) and its work to rebuild justice across the United States. Our friends at IAALS deserve hearty applause.

In 2006, IAALS opened its doors at the University of Denver with a mission to continuously improve the American legal system and reestablish it as the aspirational model for justice around the world.

The Institute’s evolution and growth has been remarkable and is a testament to IAALS’  pioneering model. It is not just a place where problems are studied and solutions crafted, but one where action is taken and real, and positive changes are made.

IAALS is committed to tackling the toughest of problems, maintaining its independence and neutral ground, communicating with the best minds in the country, and getting things done — things that others say are impossible.

Much has been accomplished through its initiatives like Quality Judges, Rule One, Honoring Families, and Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers. Yet the work is far from over; creating meaningful change in our legal system is a movement, not a moment. So, in 2016, we not only celebrate IAALS’ accomplishments but also its bright future ahead for its work and mission.

Learn more about the IAALS work that has been done and the positive work yet to come.