This Week in Arkansas: Hearing on Judicial Selection Reform

arkansas_flag_web_fc1aAs the state Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to hear debate on Wednesday about judicial selection reform in Arkansas, at least two ideas have been floated, according to an Associated Press article.

Committee chairman Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, a Republican, is exploring the level of support behind the possibility of putting on the November ballot a measure to switch from election of Supreme Court justices to a merit system for appointing them.

And some Democratic legislators would like to get the governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson, to schedule several campaign finance reform measures for a special session later this year, with one of them to require disclosure of spending by “dark money” groups.

Arkansas Online has an article previewing the Wednesday hearing, its participants — including two Supreme Court justices — and details of the legislative calendar. It says a lot of the impetus for debate comes from this year’s Arkansas Supreme Court election, with an “influx of negative ads and mailers funded by independent spending groups and ‘dark money.'”