Lynn Marks is Stepping Down at Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts


Lynn A. Marks is stepping down as executive director of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, a group that has championed merit selection of judges in the state. A article about her departure stated:

“For 25 years, Marks has been the most consistently audible voice in the movement to change Pennsylvania’s system of electing judges to an appointment process that proponents say would limit the impact of politics on the judiciary.”

Marks will be succeeded by Maida Malone, an attorney with experience in the pharmaceutical and nonprofit sectors. Marks will continue in a consulting capacity.

While court scandals have raised the profile of debate about judicial elections in Pennsylvania and their possible replacement by merit selection, Marks said the negative news hadn’t turned the tide. “We have learned that court scandals bring headlines and put the issues of the courts on the front pages, but they do not hand us reform on a silver platter,” she said. PMC is a Justice at Stake partner organization.