Retiring FL Jurist Says Appointing Judges Better Than Elections

bildeIn Florida, a retiring Volusia Circuit Court judge publicly endorsed an appointive system for choosing judges, using a judicial nominating commission, as superior to elections. To seek election as a judge all you need is a filing fee, five years’ experience as a lawyer and “a pulse,” he said.

Circuit Judge Joseph G. Will said the following about the nominating commission-aided process, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, in a radio interview:

“You have the assurance of knowing when that is done that local people, not all lawyers, not all people from the community, but a nominating commission made up of people who are level headed and appointed by one governor or another as they proceed along will make that decision to make sure that the person who’s being recommended is competent and qualified for the position. They still have to have a pulse and practice for five years.”

The newspaper said Will “timed his resignation from the bench so that the seat would be filled by appointment rather than election,” as the law permits.