Would Senate Republicans Blockade a Clinton Supreme Court Pick?

160621160212-john-mccain-exlarge-169McCAIN’S EXPLOSIVE STATEMENT ON NOMINATIONS:  Sen. John McCain’s statement that Senate Republicans would unite to block any Supreme Court nominees put forward by a potential future Clinton administration “went off like a land mine” with progressive observers, according to The Washington Post.

“I promise you that we will, we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton — if she were president — would put up,” McCain, R-Ariz., told a Pennsylvania radio station on Monday. Later, a McCain spokeswoman backpedaled and said, “Senator McCain will, of course, thoroughly examine the record of any Supreme Court nominee put before the Senate and vote for or against that individual based on their qualifications as he has done throughout his career,” according to The Hill.

Wrote Ian Millheiser of the Center for American Progress, “Imagine a world where [late Justice Antonin] Scalia’s seat — and two others — remain vacant for five years because a Republican Senate refuses to confirm anyone named by the president.”  He addd, “Then imagine that all three of these seats are filled five or nine or thirteen years from today, when Republicans finally manage to gain control of both the White House and the Senate. What reason would Democratic governors have to obey the decisions of such a court?” The issue is likely to be debated when the presidential candidates face off tomorrow, Huffington Post reported.

A FEW PROPOSED QUESTIONS FOR THE DEBATERS: Bloomberg had a piece suggesting several “pressing” questions tied to the Supreme Court for the candidates to answer.  One of them: “Secretary Clinton, if you are elected, will you call on the Senate to confirm [high court nominee] Merrick Garland in a lame-duck session? Will you re-nominate him if the seat is vacant on Jan. 20?” Another: “Mr. Trump, you have released a list of 21 prospective Supreme Court nominees. If you have a vacancy to fill, will you consider anyone who isn’t on that list?”

At The American Prospect, meanwhile, Simon Lazarus had a commentary about the Wells Fargo phony account scandal that was headlined, “Don’t Just Whack Wells Fargo’s CEO/Target his highest enabler: The Supreme Court.”

JUDICIAL VACANCIES: A Courthouse News Service article on dozens of judicial vacancies was titled, “Increase in Judicial Vacancies across Nation, Attributed to Republican Obstruction, Delays Justice.”