AFJAC’s Aron Quoted by USA Today on Dangers of a Trump Court

A general view of the U.S. Supreme Court in WashingtonBoth sides watching the presidential debate on Wednesday emerged with “something to cheer about” after the candidates faced off over the Supreme Court (see Gavel Grab), USA Today reported while quoting Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice Action Campaign.

“A [Donald] Trump court would make America a dangerous and forbidding place for all but the wealthy and powerful, while [Hillary] Clinton’s vision for the court would serve our highest aspirations for an inclusive America where the rights of all people are protected,” Aron said.

For another view, USA Today turned to John Baker, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University Law Center. “Hopefully, Ms. Clinton doesn’t really believe in her statement that Supreme Court justices should take particular sides in cases,” he said. “That idea completely undermines the most basic principle of the rule of law that judges are to be neutral.”

Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, said, “Both candidates wasted an incredible opportunity last night to educate the American people on their vision of the Constitution’s role in our society and our courts.” They moved instead, she said, to address “specific hot-button issues.”