Aron: Let the Next President Halt the Standoff Over Judicial Nominations


Nan Aron, Alliance for Justice Action Campaign president, criticized in a column for Huffington Post today Republican threats to escalate obstruction of judicial nominees to “a destructive new level” and urged setting aside “hyperpartisan warfare” to let the next president govern.

“The past few days have brought a striking moment of clarity to Republicans’ cynical, campaign-season obfuscation around their real strategy for the Supreme Court,” Aron wrote. “So permit us to borrow a phrase from that long-ago primary season: let’s dispel with this fiction that Republicans meant what they said about letting the voters speak when it comes to shaping the Supreme Court. They didn’t.”

“In fact, Sen. Ted Cruz has now confirmed what Sen. John McCain let slip last week: the Republican blueprint for a Hillary Clinton presidency is to obstruct and blockade the confirmations of Supreme Court nominees.” To learn more about statements by Cruz and McCain, see Gavel Grab.

Not only does President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland hang in limbo, but so do scores of other nominations for the lower federal courts, she wrote. Aron concluded, “Right after the election, it’s imperative that we allow the next president to govern fairly and avert a system broken by hyperpartisan warfare. For the Senate to support democracy and halt the standoff over judges would be a good starting point.”