1/31/08: New Folks in Missouri's Race for the Courts; McCain Appointing Liberals?; Amicus Brief Filed in Iowa

The irony impaired opponent of the “Missouri Court Plan”– Show Me Progress
A new player in the battle for the Missouri judiciary.

Liberty Counsel Files Brief at Iowa Supreme Court to Protect Traditional Marriage– Life, Liberty, and Family
The Liberty Counsel are set to have a fight in Iowa’s courts over same-sex marriage.

McCain would appoint liberal judges to the Supreme Court– Hillbilly White Trash
First, yes the blog is called Hillbilly White Trash. Secondly, their post is about the reaction Senator John McCain’s statements on who he would appoint to the Federal Courts.

Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction– The Hufffington Post
Blackwater and the justice. Or lack of justice. Interesting read.

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