Supreme Court Roundup

As the Supreme Court heads into the final weeks of its term, plenty of interesting articles on its members, retired members and its jurisprudence are emerging.

“Justice Stevens is Off the Bench but Not Out of Opinions,” declared the headline for a New York Times article by Adam Liptak. The article noted that the retiree “is telling people how he would have voted in recent cases, and he is singling out former colleagues for praise and criticism.”

Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman wrote a commentary for Bloomberg News that was entitled, “The United States of Justice Kennedy.” He wrote, “It is [Justice Anthony] Kennedy‚Äôs apparent unpredictability — and his willingness to make common cause with both factions in different cases — that is the source of his overwhelming power in court and country.”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News reported that Justice Stephen Breyer unloaded holdings in Wal-Mart valued between $15,000 and $50,000 “in a move that has let him take part in a case that may limit class-action lawsuits.”

Also on the ethics front, Fox News reported, “Groups Target Thomas’ Wife’s Work to Force Him to Sit Out High Court Rulings on Health Care.”

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