White House Hits Senate Delays on Judicial Nominees

The White House has joined in criticizing the Senate for failing to vote on 20 pending judicial nominees before packing bags for an August recess, and it highlighted statements calling for a swifter confirmation process.

“Creating a judicial pool for the 21st Century, one with intellect, fair-mindedness and integrity that resembles the nation that it serves, is a top priority for President Obama and his administration,” the White House said in its official blog, according to a Blog of Legal Times article.

The White House statement called Obama’s judicial nominations unprecedented for their commitment to racial, gender, and experiential diversity. It continued:

“Unfortunately, the delays these nominees are encountering on Capitol Hill are equally unprecedented: earlier this month, the Senate left for its August recess without considering 20 eminently qualified candidates, 16 of whom had passed through the bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee completely unopposed, a development the Washington Post called ‘not only frustrating but also destructive’ in an editorial published yesterday.

The White House blog post also cited a recent letter by then-American Bar Association President Stephen Zack. He said the numerous vacant judgeships “create strains that will inevitably reduce the quality of our justice system and erode public confidence in the ability of the courts to vindicate constitutional rights or render fair and timely decisions.”

You can learn more from Gavel Grab about recent discussion of the Senate’s judicial confirmation record.


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