Group Finds Impeachment Attempts Against Judges Surged in 2011

2011 saw the introduction of 14 bills in 7 states to impeach judges the International Business Times reported.

In all but two cases, impeachment was sought because members of the legislature disapproved of a specific decision. None of the attempts were successful.

The findings were released by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) on their blog, Gavel to Gavel last week. NCSC is a JAS partner organization.

In an article headlined “Co-Equal Opportunity: Legislators Are Out to Take Over Their State Judiciary Systems,” the ABA Journal writes about other types of attacks faced by state courts in 2011:

“[B]y 2011, the number and scope of legislative attacks had grown in dozens of states and covered nearly all phases of court administration, decision-making and judicial selection. Observers note that many such bills ignore the doctrine of separation of powers that establishes the judiciary as a co-equal branch of government.”

The article goes on to quote JAS communications director, Charles Hall, who characterized the scope of the attacks as unprecedented.

For more on impeachment efforts, read Gavel Grab.

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