Friday Gavel Grab Briefs

In these other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  • To prevent former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore from reclaiming his seat in November, lawyers Ginger Poynter and Melinda Lee Maddox have entered the race as write-in candidates,  according to the Associated Press.
  • The Boston Globe reported that Supreme Court justices are using Google and other search engines to find information to support their opinions. Allison Orr Larsen, law professor at the College of William and Mary, finds this disconcerting.
  • Riverside County public safety unions unsuccessfully attempted to unseat two judges, who have previously challenged the unions, in Tuesday’s election, said the Desert Sun.
  • James R. Maxeiner, law professor at the University of Baltimore, asserts in  the Atlantic that the American civil justice system, in comparison to the German justice system, is defective and in need of repair.

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