Florida Court Clerks May Get Budget Relief

Court clerks in Florida will learn this week whether they will be spared a severe budget hit, an article in The Associated Press reported.

Florida’s budget reduced the court clerk budget by $30 million, sparking layoffs, branch closings and reduced office hours. On Aug. 16, The Joint Legislative Budget Commission will decide whether to give court clerks $29.5 million in court fees and fines to cover the gap.

The funds would not come from the state’s main budget account, which is why Governor Rick Scott has already signed off on the proposal.

On another court-funding matter, David Boies (left in photo) and Ted Olson (right in photo), co-chairs of the American Bar Association’s Task Force for the Preservation of Justice, discuss the impact of budget cuts on the court system on Vimeo.

Speaking recently at the Conference of Chief Justice/Conference of State Court Administrators Annual Conference, Olson and Boies advocate on behalf of more court funding to our justice system.

Boies said, “The court system is in a crisis. It’s probably the most severe funding crisis the court system has ever experienced in the history of the country.

Olson said, “If we don’t fund the courts, and fund the systems necessary to provide justice for people, we’re denying American citizens fundamental rights, and that has to be corrected.”

To read more about court funding, see Gavel Grab.

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