Monday Gavel Grab Briefs

In these other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  •  As a result of a glitch in New Mexico’s public campaign finance law, the state’s Supreme Court candidates have not been able to opt for public financing, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. New Mexico’s Supreme Court candidates, Republican Justice Paul Kennedy and Democrat Barbara Vigil, have spent more than a combined $100,000 so far.
  • According to the Plain Dealer, the Ohio State Bar Association has requested the Ohio Republican Party to cease airing ads against Justice Robert Cupp’s challenger, Judge Bill O’Neill. The ad asserts that Judge O’Neill is sympathetic to rapists because of a specific decision he made in a past case.
  • To cope with continuous cuts to California’s court system, the San Francisco northern branch of Northern County moved some of its family law functions to Redwood City, the Daily Journal writes. Beginning on November 1, complex civil litigation and California Environmental Quality Act cases will also be transferred to Redwood City’s Hall of Justice.
  • New Hampshire voters will decide on Ballot Question 2, a  proposed constitutional amendment to give more administrative control of the state’s court system to the legislature. explains that supporters of the ballot believe it will serve as a needed check on judicial authority. Opponents, on the other hand, say the ballot will only undermine the court’s independence.

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