Bill Raftery Covers Election's Winners, Losers, and Close Calls

In a series of posts on Gavel to Gavel, the National Center for State Court’s Bill Raftery will examine the “winners, the losers, and the close calls” of the November 2012 elections.

In his first post, Raftery announced the upcoming series and pointed out that of the ballot items concerning the courts this election cycle, many failed due to a large percentage of voters simply declining to vote on the issue at all.

Raftery examines the “winners” of the 2012 election and what impact these wins will have in 2013 and 2014 in hisĀ second post. Among the items Raftery covers are New Jersey’s Constitutional Amendment 2 (see Gavel Grab), as well as court related amendments in Oregon, New Mexico and Maryland. The post is titled, “Election 2012: The winners and what their victories portend for 2013/2014”.

The National Center for State Courts is a JAS partner group.

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