Self-Described 'Pro-Gun, Pro-Life' Candidate Wins LA Court Runoff

A run-off contest for the Louisiana Supreme Court led to victory for Republican Judge Jeff Hughes (photo at left) over Democrat Judge John Michael Guidry (photo below). Judge Hughes campaigned in part on pledges that he is “pro-gun, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage” and supports the death penalty.

Judge Hughes’s campaign and an independent PAC supporting him, Citizens for Clean Water and Land PAC, dramatically outspent Judge Guidry’s camp for TV advertising, The Advocate reported.

In a campaign mailer, Judge Hughes framed his candidacy as a way to restrain “liberal Democrat Bernette Johnson,” who will become Louisiana Supreme Court chief justice in January.

“The election of a Republican majority to the court would tend to limit her (Johnson’s) actions, while the election of another Democrat could give her more freedom to move not only the Supreme Court but the entire Louisiana judicial system to the left,” Judge Hughes contended. Counting him, Republicans will hold a 4-3 majority on the court.

Only 19.5 percent of registered voters showed up to pick their choice for the District 5 seat on the runoff day, whereas 66.2 percent cast primary ballots on Nov. 6. Judge Hughes becomes the first Republican justice from the district; Judge Guidry sought to become the first African-American justice from the district. Judge Hughes triumphed by 6 percentage points.

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