JAS, NCSC Messaging Guide Makes Strong Case for Court Funding

In an IAALS Online guest post, Justice at Stake Executive Director Bert Brandenburg and National Center for State Courts Vice President of External Affairs Jesse Rutledge describe the organizations’ recently released messaging guide on court funding as a “comprehensive blueprint for legal groups and civic leaders” fighting for the needs of America’s court system.

Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring Court Funding,” contains tools on finding the most effective and persuasive messages to advocate for court funding, and knowing which ones should be avoided.

Brandenburg and Rutledge say that the guide provides real-world themes and avoids being “too wonky or legalistic.” It’s based entirely on research gained from focus groups, polls of voters, interviews with lawmakers and chief justices.

The guide’s introduction states that “[w]hether budgets improve soon, or a ‘new normal’ has set in, everyone who cares about the courts needs to improve their efforts to help them secure adequate resources.”

IAALS and the NCSC are Justice at Stake partner organizations.

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