Editorial Boards Demand Senate Votes on Judges

It’s high time for the Senate to move past partisan politics and confirm qualified federal judges, editorial boards across the nation are saying.

Here are excerpts from a recent burst of editorial commentary on the topic:

“Unfortunately, judicial nominations have, even more than usual, become collateral damage in the partisan wars in Congress,” stated a Sacramento (Ca.) Bee editorial.

Referring to 11 judicial nominees who were awaiting up-or-down votes when the Senate completed its work for 2012, the editorial said, “This is another black mark against the 112th Congress, one of the least productive in recent history. By confirming these judges quickly, the new Senate can start making amends.”

“Needless skirmishing over judicial nominations is a problem the Senate must address so nominees aren’t left in limbo and courts have the personnel they need to operate. No one wins from brinksmanship here,” said a Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram editorial.¬†

“There is a judicial vacancy crisis,” declared a Tulsa (Ok.) World editorial.¬†Focusing on the nomination of Magistrate Judge Robert Bacharach to the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the editorial urged an up-or-down vote and said, “Further delays are affecting case flow and impeding litigants’ day in court.”

An Oklahoman editorial was entitled, “Bacharach confirmation to 10th Circuit needs (finally) to be completed.” A Reno (Nev.) Gazette Journal editorial was headlined, “Let Senate vote on Obama’s nominee for Nevada court.”


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