Editorial Criticizes Proposal for NC Partisan Judicial Races

A proposal in North Carolina’s legislature to switch from nonpartisan to partisan judicial elections is derided by a Greensboro News-Record editorial, which suggests that legislators “want to compromise the independence of our judiciary by fitting judges with partisan robes.”

The editorial says that voters get little helpful information about judges from a party label, and have access to information about judges’ legal qualifications through other channels. Moreover, partisan elections leave many unaffiliated voters out in the cold, it says. The editorial concludes:

“The drive to reinstate partisan elections isn’t motivated by a desire to help voters. It’s meant to help candidates, encouraging them to run on their party label rather than their qualifications. That’s not good for our courts.”

To learn more about the legislation, and about the remarks of Justice at Stake Executive Director Bert Brandenburg, see Gavel Grab.

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