Book Review: Terror Court System 'Has Floundered'

Wall Street Journal reporter Jess Bravin’s book, “The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay,” details the  military tribunal system that was established after 9/11 to prosecute and convict those accused of terrorism. Now a New York Times review prominently highlights the disturbing questions the book raises about the tribunal system:

“Supporters portray them as the tough-minded way to handle terrorism cases and civilian courts as weak. Yet in those civilian courts federal prosecutors have repeatedly demonstrated an almost ruthless effectiveness, winning severe sentences without grounds for successful appeal. Meanwhile the military tribunals experiment started by the Bush administration and now continued, after some reforms, by the Obama administration, has floundered; to date the only two guilty verdicts won at trial were vacated by an appeals court, leaving a handful of plea deals in which defendants gave up their right to appeal in exchange for brief sentences.”


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