Former Michigan Judge Decries Judicial Election 'Dark Money'

A former Michigan Supreme Court justice with a record for controversy has written a book that likely will spark more debate.

“Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court” by former Justice Elizabeth Weaver and co-author David Schock will be released in mid-May, according to a Traverse City (Mi.) Record-Eagle article.

Justice Weaver is especially critical of “dark money” judicial campaign expenditures that cannot be traced to corporations or individuals.

“Reform the money,” she told the newspaper. “Instant, complete, reporting of all money. No hiding behind groups of Justice for People or People for Justice. Every contribution has to be individual, and it cannot be People for Justice, which is a whole bunch of unknown people. It’s dark money.”

In 2010, the Michigan Supreme Court justices censured the former justice over her actions in an earlier election, when she disclosed a partial transcript she had made from a secretly recorded conference with her fellow justices (see Gavel Grab). During her time on the court, she also served two years as chief justice.

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