North Carolina Judicial Candidates Forced on Campaign Trail

Judges vying for North Carolina’s State Supreme Court are in a somewhat awkward position, according to an article on the WFAE website.

Judicial candidates all face the same challenges when on the campaign trail – namely how to define their candidacy since they can’t use traditional campaign tactics.

“Promises aren’t allowed. I can’t talk about what I’m going to do. I’m actually prohibited specifically by the code of judicial conduct from promising to run a certain way on a case. That’s one thing we cannot do,” judicial candidate Robin Hudson said.

A lot of what voters hear about candidates comes from ads from outside groups who have their own agenda. Candidates are then forced to raise money to defend themselves against attacks. State supreme court justice Cheri Beasley says the $1.2 to $2 million her consultants say she needs to raise for her reelection bid is outrageous.

“We want judges that are focusing on doing their jobs and not focusing on being politicians,” she said.

This is the new face of North Carolina judicial elections in part because the state did away with public financing for judicial candidates last year.

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