Weigh Merit Selection of Local Judges in Cole County: Editorial

Cash-gavel-soldAs a $200,000 injection of outside money from a national group (see Gavel Grab) changes the focus of a Cole County, Missouri election for Circuit Court, a St. Louis Post editorial calls for changing the way judges are chosen there.

Cole County voters would do well to follow the model of Greene County voters, who decided in 2008 to halt electing local judges and instead adopt the merit-based selection system that is used to choose local judges in St. Louis and Kansas City, and all state appellate judges, the editorial says.

“The administration of justice is too important to have questions about whether one donor, or a group of donors, can buy their own judicial outcomes by using their cash to tilt an election,” the editorial asserts.

“Missourians can disagree on what makes a good judge, and whether there is such a thing as a ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ philosophy as it applies to the law. But they should agree that judges should not be for sale, that huge sums of money spent on behalf of secret donors have no business in judicial elections.”

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