Report: Obama May Push to Curb ‘Secret Money’ in Politics

President Obama may announce in his State of the Union address on Tuesday a “major push to rein in the flood of secret money capturing our democracy,” the Daily Beast reported.

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark campaign finance ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Obama “may announce executive action … that would require businesses contracting with the government to disclose political contributions after contracts have been awarded,” the Daily Beast said.

The anniversary of Citizens United is getting a good deal of attention. At a Washington event last week, Justice at Stake Executive Director Bert Brandenburg explained that judges are being forced to bend to political pressure, turning them into “politicians in black robes” (see Gavel Grab).

A New York Review of Books blog mentioned JAS among groups participating in the release of a series of independent reports about the role of money in the 2014 elections, with an emphasis on the effects of Citizens United. A NPR newscast was headlined, “5 Years After Citizens United, Secret Money Floods Into U.S. Politics.”