Scrutiny for Clinton’s Views on a Supreme Court Pick

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s remarks about selecting a Supreme Court nominee are drawing criticism from those on both the left and right who suggest she may have crossed the line and imposed a litmus test.

That’s according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It quotes Nan Aron, head of the liberal Alliance for Justice, as saying litmus tests on a single issue “take us down a very dangerous path. They will only prompt another litmus test on an issue like Roe vs. Wade.” And Carrie Severino of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network said “this ‘litmus test’ is code for appointing political hacks.”

The Washington Post reported in May that according to sources, Clinton told a group of fundraisers that she would not appoint an individual to the Supreme Court unless the potential nominee agreed with her view that Citizens United must be struck down (see Gavel Grab). The San Francisco Chronicle also quoted some legal experts who did not fault Clinton for her remarks, and it noted that Sen. Bernie Sanders, another candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, stated openly he would impose a litmus test about overturning Citizens United if he had a chance to appoint a Supreme Court justice.